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About Team

  • The greatest professional network of hospitality innovators.
  • To build a team of best talents with innovation culture for leading the global hospitality industry.

Tentang Tim

  • Jaringan profesional terbesar dari para inovator Pariwisata.
  • Untuk membangun tim yang terdiri dari individu dengan bakat-bakat terbaik dengan budaya inovasi untuk memimpin indistry Pariwisata global.

About You :

Who are You?

As a Talent Acquisitor, your main duty is to find, attract and filter the best talents out there and convert them to be part of our team. You will be the first ‘gatekeeper’ for anyone who wants to join our fun team. We count on you because you source the highest quality talents in the country, Asia region, and in the world for us! That means you will be the toughest filter in our company.

Siapa Kamu?

Sebagai Talent Acquisitor, tugas utamamu adalah untuk mencari, menarik, dan melakukan seleksi untuk mendapatkan individu dengan bakat terbaik sebagai anggota baru dari tim kita. Kamu akan menjadi ‘penjaga gerbang’ pertama bagi siapapun yang ingin bergabung dengan tim kita. Kami mengandalkanmu untuk untuk mendapatkan talenta dengan kualitas terbaik di Indonesia, Asia, dan bahkan seluruh dunia! Itu artinya kamu akan menjadi penyeleksi terpenting bagi perusahaan.

What will You do?

  • Talent hunt : attract candidates to apply to our awesome team
  • Responsible to support HR team by bringing in the best talents in the company to run our innovative missions by doing the End-to-end recruitment process such as CV Screening and interviewing incoming candidates.
  • Source candidates using a variety of search methods to build a robust candidate pipeline.
  • Screen candidates by reviewing resumes and job applications, and performing interviews.
  • Perform reference and background checks as need.
  • Ensure all  all screening, hiring, and selection is done in accordance with company guidelines and standards.

Apa yang akan Kamu lakukan?

  • Berburu talenta : menarik minat kandidat untuk bergabung ke tim kita yang luar biasa.
  • Bertanggungjawab untuk mensupport tim HR dengan membawakan talenta-talenta terbaik kedalam perusahaan untuk menjalankan misi inovatif kita dengan cara melaksanakan proses rekrutmen end-to-end seperti screening CV dan melakukan wawancara kandidat.
  • Mendapatakan potensi kandidat menggunakan berbagai metode untuk membangun pipeline yang kokoh.
  • Melakukan screening kandidat dengan cara meninjau resume dan surat lamaran, serta melakukan wawancara.
  • Melakukan background check bila dibutuhkan.
  • Memastikan segala proses screening, hiring, dan seleksi dilaksanakan sesuai guideline dan ketentuan standar perusahaan.

Qualifications :

  • Understand Bukit Vista Core Values.
  • Personality: Growth mindset, Bias to action, Self-learner.
  • Proficient in written/spoken English.
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Strong decision-making skills
    • Detail oriented, able to detect minor details that has major implication for the output.
    • Able to take the best possible decision and act accordingly.
  • Education: Management, Psychology, or any related fields.
  • Background: a promising history of achievement & accomplishments in academics, sports, business or extra-curricular activities.


  • Memahami Core Values Bukit Vista
  • Kepribadian : Growth mindset, bias to action, self-learner.
  • Minimal dapat memahami komunikasi bahasa Inggris tingkat dasar.
  • Kemampuan pengambilan keputusan yang baik
  • Berorientasi pada detail, dapat mendeteksi detail kecil yang berkemungkinan berdampak penting pada hasil.
  • Dapat mengambil kemungkinan keputusan terbaik dan melakukan tindakan yang tepat.
  • Pendidikan : Manajemen, Psikologi, dan jurusan – jurusan lain yang terkait.
  • Latar belakang : memiliki pengalaman pencapaian di bidang akademik, olahraga, bisnis, atau aktivitas lainnya.

Journey at Bukit Vista

We’re dreamers and doers, mentors and hosts. We view students as individuals, the recruiting process as a shared adventure, and decisions as conversations. Our mission is to open Bukit Vista’s doors to the next class of interns and new grads who are ready for a life-changing experience and excited to innovate the world of hospitality.

During your time as a Vistern or Vistans, you’ll be integrated into a team where you’ll contribute to challenging projects to develop new services for our management company, strengthen our infrastructure, and delight our community of guests and owners.

Your buddy, chapter, and our incredible company will strive to develop your potential during your time with us. We’ll provide the support, mentorship, fun, and real world experience needed to accelerate your learning and make a real impact on the hospitality industry, as we revolutionize the way people travel.

Watch Our Introduction Video

Feel that you might be the right talent we’re looking for? Send over your application form by clicking the apply button below! Make sure that your CV is updated and the application form is in English, submitting a LinkedIn profile or past projects would be a plus!

Last but not least, we like candidates that are passionate about hospitality, interested in technology, and enjoy a fun workspace with lots of collaboration!

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