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How do you find the right service in bali?

You have a budget and a vision for your perfect property in Bali and the questions is “Which company offers the best service in Bali?” As property managers, we’ve heard this question countless times and we thought we could do a bit of early research and offer some suggestions.

We believe the truth is that there probably is no ‘best company’, but there is an company and services that’s more ideal for you as a client. Each company can have a different service, some offer sustainability, some are very flexible, some are very collaborative, some are very economical.

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We interview professionals with a few simple questions and listen to their thoughtful responses:

  • How does your work positively impact a property owner in terms of value, relationship and legacy? 
  • What projects really demonstrate your talent & credibility? 
  • Who is the right type of client for your services? 
  • How do you charge for your services? 

Which expert are you looking for?

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Our Partners Guesthouse Perfomance in Uluwatu

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GFAB Architects

GFAB studio is based in Bali and it has around 30 staff employed. It undertakes projects throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. They currently have on-going construction projects in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia… Read more

Studio Magnolia Design

Through the lodging properties that she has built, Alejandra seems to bring her clients to dive right into the real Bali, and bring them closer to the natural environment of the property. And this has been a memorable experience for his clients to date… Read more

interior design

Mahallati Interior Design

Mahallati is an international interior design, manufacturing and production firm based in the Island of the Gods, Bali, specialized in exceptional design solutions for a wide array of 5-star projects. Their projects are more conceptualized in luxury and minimalist designs, and some of their projects also take a mid-century setting… Read more


Gill Wilson Interior

GW Interiors is a combination of engineers and artists: they articulate a unique concept of designs, and then translate these ideas into a set of viable architectural schematics that could be made without degrading the aesthetics… Read more

pest control


Ecoforpest exists as a company that offers pest control services with the application of environmentally friendly principles. Broadly speaking, what Ecoforpest emphasizes is pest control with more environmentally friendly methods, such as reducing the use of chemical pesticides, which tend to use organic pesticides… Read more


Geotermix is a registered pest control company in Bali with services for termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, rats and mice with over 10 years of experience providing services throughout Bali. Geotermix really emphasizes work ‘professionalism’ as their identity… Read more



Have you ever heard of or seen a ‘Tropical Boho, Bohemian’ style design? In short, Tropical Boho is a colorful style and a mix of ethnic, hippies and vintage styles. Tropical BoHo combines different design styles and cultural influences, creating a vibrant and truly unique look… Read more

woodworking solution


This company was seeking to preserve the environment as a mean to fight climate change, while at the same time, support the economy of the people by creating products. An associated Green Team, ecoSmart provides… Read more


Jansen Furniture

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