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How Do You Find The Right Service in Bali?

You have a budget and a vision for the perfect villa in Bali and the questions is “Which company offers the best service in Bali?”
As property managers, we’ve heard this question countless times and we thought we could do a bit of early research and offer some suggestions.

We believe the truth is that there probably is no ‘best company’, but there is companies that’s more ideal for you as a client. Each company can have a different offer, some are offer incredible design, some are very flexible, some are very collaborative, some are very economical.

We interview some companies with a few simple questions and listen to their thoughtful responses:

  • How does your work positively impact a villa owner in terms of value, relationship and legacy? 
  • What projects really demonstrate your talent & credibility? 
  • Who is the right type of client for your services? 
  • How do you charge for your services? 

Wood Working Solution

Ever wonder where the breeze and coziness you feel while you’re under a tree shade comes from? It’s because humans are internally attracted to natural elements. Combine comfort, warmth, and nature with our experienced wood worker partners.

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