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BV E-Talk is a learning and sharing platform where we invite world-class experts to share their experiences to inspire students & fresh graduates. We host webinars, live demonstrations, and seminars to disseminate big ideas.

As an innovative hospitality company, we want to share the knowledge and wisdom to inspire our audiences to pursue adventurous careers in hospitality. BV E-Talk. Because we want to inspire delight.

This session will be free and open to the public and an e-certificate provided!

What did our speakers say about us?

Rui Ma

Speaker on BV E-Talk with Rui Ma: On Becoming an Entrepreneur

“I had a great time and the audience was really engaged. I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk to people across the world! Thanks for hosting the event.”

Quincy Larson

“There was an excitement in the air. The audience seemed extremely diligent and industrious. They had plenty of thoughtful questions for me, and the night flew by.”

Our audience reviews for BV E-Talk

We get a 95% approval rate on our events from students around the world

Our audience reviews for BV E-Talk

We get a 95% approval rate on our events from students around the world

BV E-Talk #17

Adaptation in Tourism & Hospitality as the Needs of Customers are Shaped by the Pandemic

As the customers behavior shifted due to pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry also need to adapt to suit with the new behavior. So, how we can optimize guest experience with all the limitations during pandemic?

BV E-Talk #16

Sustainable Community in Today’s World

In 2019 alone, Bali attracted around 6.3 million travelers to visit the Island. This is indeed an achievement for the tourism industry and local economy. But at the same time, this posed a risk for Bali: the issue of environment and sustainability. It is an urgency for travelers, locals, as well as property owners to restore Bali’s environment to its natural beauty like it was years ago.

BV E-Talk #15

Growth Marketing 101: What You Need to Know

Due to the adaptation in the ever challenging environment since the start of remote working, marketing has been one of the highly demanded skills in the working field.

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