We Gain More Than 50 Property Partnership in a Month!

img Syelynn | August 16, 2021

Psst, here are Bukit Vista marketing strategies!

Bukit Vista as the most innovative hospitality startup in Bali and Yogyakarta always inspire delight, to our property partner, guests, and employees. Although this is a difficult time for hospitality industry due to COVID-19 pandemic, Bukit Vista successfully bounce back through build a lot of partnerships with more than 50 property owner in a month. We enforce our team member to implement hustle, be the hero and help others. In particular, our marketing and business development interns that work hard and work smart on online canvassing activities. Until today, we still got some leads that will be our next partners in the future.

It is not easy, though. However, we create some strategies to bring more impact both to the company and our partner. First is creating online canvassing initiative and supervising BD team to make sure the leads are have been followed up. Creating an online canvassing system is easy, but maintain the system to keep working and giving result is difficult. The team work from Marketing and BD teams is the key to make the impact more bigger. Second is work on websites and online awareness, to make our brand more visible. So, our prospect leads can learn more about our service, reviews, pricing through our website. 

Bukit Vista team are work together on it and we make it enjoyable by sharing the friction and solve it, together.  Our first journey is idea validation, we make sure the projects that we working to support partnership mission is working. After we know it’s working, we assign two people to work on it, the first one for canvasser and approached and the other one is to follow up, do pitching and close the deal. There’s some partnership happen on this project, so we make it more bigger by assign more people to do canvassing and doing follow up. Because of there’s many people work on this project, we need better system to handle this and manage the member to make sure it’s resulting. So, until now, we already have great system, great team to handle it and MoU sign happen smoothly.

Of course, Bukit Vista keep innovating. We are planning to work more harder to get leads passively, which mean we are not do anything in the future but our leads are coming to us. We try to create online lead generator. Second, we also working on referral project. Which mean, our partners or our guests are can refer to their friends or family to join Bukit Vista as business partner to generate more revenue. Do you want to learn more about the business and marketing strategies in hospitality industry? Join our team now and apply before August 31!

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