Villa & Guesthouse with access to Netflix all over Bali

Villa & Guesthouse with access to Netflix all over Bali

img Nadia bukitvista | March 26, 2021

No need to worry about missing out on latest TV show/Movie updates while on holiday

Are you on holiday and missing out of your favourite TV show? That’s not gonna be the case if your accommodation provides free access to Netflix.

What could be even better situation than when you could still able to catch up on the latest update of your favourite movie or TV show?

Ah, but I’m on holiday, away from my sacred room where I got access to Netflix and wifi. No need to be worried! We got you covered. Here are some recommendation where you could stay and updated on your favourite Netflix show in Bali!

Sanur Dream Beach-home with Pool & Netflix

Villa w/ Splendid View in the Middle of Ubud Greenery

Quiet Cabin for Surfer in the Heart of Canggu

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